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The Home Visit


After you have contacted us to set up an appointment time and told us of your wishes concerning your pet after the euthanasia, we will arrive at your home at the appropriate time. We accept payment upon arrival to avoid dealing with these matters after the procedure.


Dr. Farthing will greet you and your pet, as well any any family and friends you wish to include, and answer any questions you may still have at that point.

Once all are ready to proceed, an injectable solution of pain medication mixed with a sedative will be given.  When you are ready, an overdose of anesthetic agent will be injected, and your pet will quickly relax and go to sleep. This entire procedure is simple, but requires skill in order to ensure minimal stress or discomfort to your pet, and induce painless sleep, which is our goal.

Depending upon what you have already elected to do with your pet’s remains, we will then leave you to bury your pet, or, when you have spent the time you need saying goodbye to your friend, we will take your pet with us and cremate the remains according to your wishes.

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